With the final time of 1:14:45, Charlton Debono is the winner of the first¬†Zejt iz-Zejtun Half Marathon, the race that took place in Zejtun sunday the 18th of september 2016. Second place for David Galea (1:40:23), the podium is completed with Mauro Desira 1:40:43. The women’s ranking is dominated by Josanne Pulis Attard (1:32:19), followed by Amanda Rapa (1:53:07) and Maureen Farrugia (2:02:19).
In the relay race the winner are Caroline Ciappara, Jonathan Balzan and Mary Grace Demicoli (1:30:44), followed by Tiziana Bonnici, Jason Greenaway and Italo Bonnici (1:39:04) and by Julie Portelli, Francesca Vella and Tina Camilleri (2:02:48).



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