The istrian cuisine, based on modest and variegated dishes, is considered to be extremely healthy. Nowadays, when health is becoming an increasingly important value, this is beyond doubt a great advantage. The interesting istrian landscape, the past ties and traditions of various nations, have also worked their way into the istrian folk cuisine which has its roots in nature. The old istrian cuisine which differed depending on the season was based on several essential ingredients such as vegetables, plants, wheat and corn flour, fish and, of course, domestic olive oil, which is the basic fat of the Mediterranean diet. The istrian cuisine features also an entire range of unique indigenous dishes which are difficult to find elsewhere in the world. By tasting her richness, you will discover its most valuable quality – its modesty and its connection with nature. Discover the best smells of Istria!

FOOT has prepared for you a two or three-day trip where Istria presents itself in all its beauty. For an unforgettable experience follow our suggestions below or rearrange the proposed activities according to your wishes!


➢ Krkavče – Koštabona – the Dragonja Valley

Krkavče is one of the oldest villages in slovenian Istria. There proudly stands the Krkavče Stone, the oldest sight in the village. It is believed to be 3000 years old and have special supernatural powers. Do not miss the Vrešje House, a typical istrian house, where you can discover the history of the region.
During the visit of the village square, stop at St. Michael church built on “living” rock:
The Vrešje House, Krkavče, +386 31 603 840 (Ondina Reja)

After the visit, treat yourself with a tasty lunch at one of the tourist farms in the vicinity:
Tourist farm Robivera, Krkavče, +386 41 739 024
Tourist farm Tonin, Puče, +386 31 559 094

KostabonaAfter lunch and a short walk through the village Koštabona, we recommend you visit the valley of the Dragonja River, the longest river in slovenian Istria. The valley is well known for its diversity of plant and animal life, and very popular with hikers, cyclists and nature enthusiasts.

End your day in Šmarje. Choose one of the village inns, have dinner, and book your overnight stay at the very top of the Šavrini Hills:
Gostilna Baladur, Grintovec +386 41 721 223,
Gostilna Trije Lovci, Srgaši +386 5 656 05 02
Garni Mimosa, Šmarje +386 41 614 776
Hiške slovenske Istre, Truške, +386 41 248 964

➢ Koper and the surroundings

Start your day by exploring the old city centre of Koper. The path will guide you from Prešeren Square with the beautiful Koper_foto Jaka IvančičDa Ponte fountain to Tito Square, where the Praetorian Palace and the city bell tower will await you. Stop also at the Koper Regional Museum in Kidrič Street and discover the interesting history of this old Venetian city. Continue to Carpaccio Square and the Taverna, and have a look at this mighty salt warehouse located right by the sea.
The visit to the city will be even more interesting with the tourist city card – Koper Card 2016. You can buy it at the Tourist information centre Koper (Praetorian Palace)!

For lunch choose a delicious sea menu or a traditional istrian dish:
Restaurant Skipper, Koper, +386 5 626 18 10
Restaurant Capra, Koper, +386 41 602 030,
Istrska klet Slavček, Koper, +386 5 627 67 29
Gostilna pri Tinetu, Koper, +386 5 996 83 83

Olive oil produced in Istria boasts the Protected Designation of Origin and achieves the highest awards also in the international environment. If you are interested in how local olive growers produce olive oil, you are welcome to visit one of the olive mills in Koper and its surroundings:
Olive mill Lisjak, Koper, +386 31 893 378
Olive mill Ternav, Krkavče, +386 5 656 70 07
Olive mill Santomas, Šmarje, +386 31 474 772

Those of you who prefer a glass of wine can stop at the Vinakoper Wine Cellar. It is the larger producer of wines in Slovenia Bricwhere you can admire the largest barrel in the country.
Vinakoper, Koper, +386 5 663 01 00
Montemoro, Koper, + 386 41 921 086
Santomas, Šmarje, +386 31 474 772
Rojac Wines, Gažon, +386 41 794 770
Rodica Wines, Truške, +386 41 695 019

Sea air will benefit your sleep, so book your overnight stay by the sea!
Hotel Acquapark Žusterna, Koper, +386 5 610 03 00
Hostel Museum, Koper +386 41 504 466
Hostel Histria, Koper, +386 70 133 552

DAY 3 – Wonderful views and experiences on the Karst Edge 
➢ Koper – Hrastovlje – Socerb

HrastovljeA morning look over the sea will charge you with positive energy for the entire day. Treat yourself with a coffee and taste the delicious sweets in one of the city’s sweet shops! After the morning rest, get on your way to Hrastovlje. This beautiful village above the Karst Edge hides a number of attractions, among which is the Romanesque church of the Holy Trinity. Its interior is decorated by frescos, the most famous is the depiction of the Dance of Death. In Hrastovlje, you can visit also a gallery dedicated to the renowned istrian sculptor Jože Pohlen, the park of indigenous plants and animals and other local sights.
For an unforgettable experience we recommend you visit the village following the program “Hrastovlje – Experience in Istria”.  +386 41 398 368 –

It’s time for lunch. Choose one of the inns in the vicinity:
Švab Inn, Hrastovlje, +386 41 688 156
Homestead Ražman, Gračišče, +386 5 657 20 03
Jakomin Inn, Kubed, +386 41 685 430
Restaurant Socerb, Socerb, +386 41 571 544
Along your way, experience the castle atmosphere at the Strmec Castle in Socerb, which stands above the 440-meter-high cliff above the village. Today, this is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of slovenian Istria.
Olenik Wines, Predloka, +386 41 546 128
Homestead Ražman, Gračišče, +386 5 657 20 03
Wine shop Jakomin, Kubed, +386 41 508 546


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