Transnational Route of the Olive Tree

The transnational route of the olive tree is an itinerary to the discovery of the ‘green gold’ of the Mediterranean. For many centuries the plantation of olive trees has been a central pursuit in the Mediterranean area: its characteristic human-built terraced layout, which facilitates harvest, has contributed to shape the landscape of rural areas, becoming a prominent feature of the countryside in this region. To this day, the activities linked to the production of olive oil structure day-to-day life in Greece, Italy and on the Slovenian and Maltese coasts, with the slow pace of simple pleasures that can be truly enjoyed.

The production of olive oil is often a family affair, a tradition passed on through generations at the heart of one of the most ancient culinary cultures: the Mediterranean diet, celebrated as one of the healthiest food regimens worldwide.

Following the olive oil trail is the best way to discover the history, culture, lifestyle and the deep, shared roots of the Mediterranean countries: choosing to do so with FOOT means supporting a model of sustainable tourism that cares about respecting the local ecosystem and its traditional activities. FOOT offers an individually tailored experience, in touch with nature and the local community. Come running with us under the olive trees!


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