H.O.S.T. Project

FOOT is the brand developed by the project H.O.S.T. – The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism – to jointly promote four Mediterranean touristic destinations pivoting on olive tree heritage and on open air activities, with special refers to running sports.

H.O.S.T. has been funded by COSME-Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Programme of the European Commission (EC), aiming at supporting competitiveness of small and medium Enterprises in 2014-2020.

H.O.S.T. overall budget is € 233.990 (75% EC funded), has started its activities on June 1st 2015 and have an overall duration of 18 months.

What areas are involved?

The project HOST targets Monte Pisano area for Italy, the Island of Lesvos for Greece, the Obalno-kraška area for Slovenia, the Zejtun municipality and surroundings areas for Malta.

What are the HOST project objectives?

HOST objective is to contribute to the sustainable revitalization of local economies of the four target areas with positive impact on population resilience and on natural and cultural heritage conservation. The project specifically focuses on tourist sector as turning point susceptible to drive economic development. Through the brand FOOT and the related sport events the four areas, localised along a virtual Transnational Route of Olive Tree, are promoted as destinations suitable for sport activities declined in a rural environment.

What are the project activities?

HOST work plan include a set of complementary activities all targeting to providing support to local SMEs of the tourism sector and to promote the involved areas, having economical development as final objective. In details:

  • facilitating the networking among tourism sector service providers by building SME networks and DMO Destination management Organisations
  • developing communication tools and activities for promoting the areas through the brand FOOT Fit on Olive Trails
  • training activities for SMEs of the 4 areas on communication and marketing strategies, experience tourism concept, environmental and cultural assets management, food culture
  • develop analyses and marketing strategy report to orient target areas promotional activities
  • organise and /or give support to organisers of the 4 running sports events being part of FOOT, and develop tourism packages and side promotional visits/events
  • communicate project activities to general public and audience and disseminate project results to stakeholders.

How can I take part?

Please contact the project referent for your area, they will provide you with all information for being committed into HOST activities as a tourism service provider.

Italy: Raffaella NOCCHI raffaella.nocchi@timesis.it
Slovenia: Nina PECA nina.peca@rrc-kp.si
Malta: Maria LIMONGELLI maria@5-senses.com
Greece: Anastasios M. PERIMENIS amperimenis@etal-sa.gr

Who are the implementing partners?

The Project coordinator is Fondazione Campus – Studi del Mediterraneo, a private Higher Educational Istitution in the Tourism sector based in Lucca, Italy since 2003. Fondazione Campus offers academic curricula on Tourist Management and Tourism Sciences in cooperation with the Universities of Pavia and Pisa, the Italian Switzerland University of Lugano and with FLAFR – Lucca Foundation for Higher Education and Research. Campus is member of the Academic Committee of NECSTouR and scientific consultant for the Observatory for Sustainable Tourism (OTD/TOD) for several municipalities and public institution. Campus Study and Research Center is member of EUNEK (European Universities Network of Knowledge) and of the European Committee of the “Via Francigena”.
Aurora CUDDEMI aurora.cuddemi@fondazionecampus.it


logo_timesis HD
Timesis srl is a SME based in San Giuliano Terme, Pisa – IT – since 1991. Timesis has large expertise on project management, monitoring and evaluation in EU, ACP and MED area countries. Since 2001, Timesis supports the EC in monitoring and assessing projects funded under LIFE Environment, Nature and Communication programme. In September 2014 Timesis srl created a Destination Management Company, the Montepisano DMC. The DMC staff is expert in Tourism Management. In 2013 the DMC started a mapping analysis of the touristic offer of the Monte Pisano area to assess its potential attractiveness on international markets.
Raffaella NOCCHI raffaella.nocchi@timesis.it


 5senses_logo_right one
5Senses Ltd is a SME established in 2006 and based in Malta that provides tourism related products and services with special reference to the neighboring countries and to the Mediterranean area. The company is part of a large informal network of actors in the field of tourism, hospitality, culture and heritage. The company mission is to promote Malta’s participation in EU affairs, according to Lisbon strategy, in the field of tourism and heritage preservation. 5senses is actively taking part to EU-funded projects (FP7, IEE, CIP framework programmes and Leonardo da Vinci).
Maria LIMONGELLI maria@5-senses.com


Koper, the former insular city which boast a rich thousands-year history, is today an important economic, cultural and tourist centre. Numerous entertainment and sports events, cultural attractions, diverse hinterland, fresh sea air and traditional Istrian cuisine attract visitors from near and far all year round. There are already several initiatives developed with the purpose of promoting olive tree, such as the festival of the golden olive twig that includes international scientific workshops, gastronomy initiatives, olive-oil fair, photo competition etc.
Tamara KOZLOVIC Tamara.kozlovic@koper.si


RRC NOVI LOGO pdf brez teksta
Regional Development Centre Koper – RRC acts at regional level as an institution promoting business and economic development in Obalno. It coordinates, at the regional level, the implementation of national policies on regional development, economy, human resources and environment protection. To perform its duties RRC works side by side with Slovenian Ministries, state organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Municipalities, SMEs and other relevant actors.
Nina PECA nina.peca@rrc-kp.si


ETAL S.A. is a SME (Local Development Company) established in 1992 in the Greek island of Lesvos acting at both regional and national level. Its mission is supporting local development process.
The company shareholders are the Union of Local Authorities of Lesvos, the Chamber of Commerce of Lesvos, the Lesvos Union of Agricultural Cooperatives. The company main mission is enabling marginalized rural areas to turn their disadvantages into strength to restart their economies. ETAL S.A. is involved in planning, promoting and implementing local development strategies facilitating synergies between the public and the private sectors and among several professionals and their associations. It takes care also of research projects on employment and conducts technical and financial studies on feasibility and start-up of small scale businesses.
Anastasios M. PERIMENIS amperimenis@etal-sa.gr


HOST is supported by:

Tuscany Region; Council of Europe – Route of Olive Tree; Committee of the Route of Olive Oil of Monti Pisani (IT); Chamber of Commerce of Pisa (IT); Chamber of Commerce of Lucca (IT); Chamber of Commerce of Primoska (SI); Municipalities of Zejtun (MA); Municipality of the Island of Lesvos (GR).

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