Discover Malta

Malta is the largest island in an archipelago situated at the heart of the Mediterranean sea, between the coasts of Sicily and Tunisia and Libya, in the north of Africa. Thanks to its position, it has historically welcomed many different cultures: from the Phoenician to the Greeks, Romans and Arabs, a variety of populations chose to install themselves on the island through the centuries, leaving a tangible mark of their passage.

Malta is an open-air museum. Its history can be read across the bastions of baroque gem La Valletta – a world heritage site –, on the stunning noble palaces of Mdina, the ‘quiet city’, founded 4000 years ago – a perfect combination of baroque and medieval architecture – and in the Roman catacombs of the city of Rabat. History also inhabits the many timeless villages of Malta, perfect examples of the Mediterranean lifestyle: on the coast, time is marked by the rituals of fishing, in the countryside, by the farming seasons and the harvesting of the precious fruits of the generous olive tree.

Come to Malta to rediscover the pleasure of simple, honest living. Such as the traditional wood-fired bread, still baked according to the ancient recipe and topped with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, chopped parsley and olive oil. Pizza’s tasty older brother is nothing but an introduction to the rich Maltese cuisine and the many delicacies yielded by this generous land.

Nature has been generous with Malta, too: it gifted the island with gentle hills shaped by the terracing of olive groves and their dry stone walls, rocky bays and steep cliffs overlooking the sea, as well as marvellous sandy beaches. And as Malta occupies a prime position at the heart of the Mediterranean sea, its visitors can enjoy the sea in any season.


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